Monday, June 5, 2017

I don't write about Antwan much.  He's just the sweetest little boy in the world (one of three, anyway) but that isn't necessarily compelling blog material.  Plus, I'm guessing that some of you might think that you actually have the sweetest little boy in the world. ;) His biggest issues are that he is a super fussy eater, is terrible in the mornings, and gets really nutty at the end of the day.  You also probably know kids like that. 

Something else about Antwan is that he has a kind heart.  A really kind heart.  He is the first one who comes up to hug me when I am getting frustrated with the day.  All four of them are really good about that kind of thing, actually, but that Antwan does seem to have a sixth sense about it and knows when I need it. 

When Antwan was a baby, Brian started calling him a warrior poet.  It was pretty accurate.  He was all boy.  He was rough and tumble but had a gentle side that was obvious from the get-go.  As a toddler, he would play with his cars.  But, he would also reprimand his cars for hitting other toys.  And, then, he would check on the injured toys.  "Ok? Ok?"  (Are you ok?)

When we were dealing with the pre-adoptive Lizzie life, it was Antwan who I worried about the most.  (Gotta say, I was also pretty worried about Brian and me, too!)  He had bonded strongly with Lizzie.  When the driver would come to pick her up for her visits with the biological mother, Antwan would be visibly upset and anxiously watch her being driven away.  I would try to sneak out of the house without him but it didn't always work.  I was terrified of a life that didn't involve him growing up with his sister.  Thankfully, that didn't happen and I'm so glad that Antwan doesn't remember any of that.  All he knows is that he lives with his sister, as it should be.

I can think of a million times when he helped me rescue a bug, pointed out when someone wasn't following a rule (especially if safety was involved), or just did the right thing. 

And, the other day just made my heart so happy.

Antwan loves brownies.  Antwan knows I love brownies.  There were only a few brownies left at church and I hadn't made it to the line yet.  He came over twice to tell me to hurry.  He was noticeably anxious about it.  He and I take our sweets seriously.  ;)  And I tried.  But, I got distracted by people as I headed that way.  When he saw that they were almost gone, he snagged the last one and brought it to me.

And, then yesterday, at a picnic, when he heard me joking that I had proved my love to my friend's daughter by giving her the last cookie when she saw that I had snagged it for myself; he came over and gave me his.  I may have made mistakes with my kids.  (In fact, I'm sure of it.)  But, we didn't fail at teaching compassion to Antwan.  Hooking me up with sweets is just a little thing but it was so, well, sweet and it was his impulse.  It makes me happy to know that his impulses drive him to do the right thing. 

Especially when it involves bringing chocolate to his mommy. :)

Yes, I made a point of taking the picture before snagging the cookie. ;)


  1. I know you've said that at least one of your children reads this blog. I'd be cautious about posting posts like this. It could be misinterpreted by your children.

    1. Kaleb was the only one who was reading it and he's not anymore, but I will definitely keep that in mind, thanks. :) To clarify, are you thinking that they will interpret is as favoritism?