Tuesday, January 29, 2013

With My Kid, Everything's A Competition!

Antwan has always been competitive.  He loves to win and hates to lose.  This will benefit him in sports, career, etc.   But, it doesn't always make it easy for me.

It does, however, make it interesting.

Lizzie was struggling with buckling herself into the car seat.   I said to the boys as I was loading the groceries into the van, "One of you help your sister, please."

My motivation was to instill the idea of taking care of their sister and, ok, maybe I was also being a  little lazy.  :)

So, William hops up to help.  He's a helpful kid.

Antwan hops to help.  He's a helpful kid, as well.  But, he's also competitive and he was going to make sure that he was the one to help Lizzie. 

Next thing I know, they are tripping over each other to get to her and Antwan gets there first.

In a state of slight disbelief, I say, with a sigh, "Come on, guys, it's not a competition."

And, Antwan who is triumphantly buckling Lizzie into her car seat, says, without skipping a beat.....

"Not anymore."

Then poor William watched in confusion as I laughed hysterically. :)

Everyone can relax, I got this.


  1. :) love the picture- you are doing a great job